Re: [PATCH 2/9] perf, tools, stat: Support up-scaling of events

From: Andi Kleen
Date: Tue Aug 11 2015 - 13:17:59 EST

On Tue, Aug 11, 2015 at 07:13:41PM +0200, Jiri Olsa wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 11, 2015 at 07:00:37PM +0200, Andi Kleen wrote:
> > > how about existing scale attributes, like in rapl code
> >
> > I'm using the existing scale attribute, but I need a multiplication,
> > not a division. That is why negative scale was redefined to mean
> > multiplication.
> your new perf tool code (perf/top-down-2 branch) over the rapl counter:

Thanks I'll look at it. Perhaps can also use a fraction scale instead
of the negative scale.

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