[PATCH 00/17] staging: sm750fb: coding style fixes

From: Mike Rapoport
Date: Mon Aug 24 2015 - 01:24:08 EST


These patches are fixing coding style issues in ddk750_*i2c* files of the
sm750fb driver

Mike Rapoport (17):
staging: sm750fb: rename hwI2CInit to sm750_hw_i2c_init
staging: sm750fb: rename hwI2CClose to sm750_hw_i2c_close
staging: sm750fb: rename hwI2CReadReg to sm750_hw_i2c_read_reg
staging: sm750fb: rename hwI2CWriteReg to sm750_hw_i2c_write_reg
staging: sm750fb: ddk750_hwi2c: rename CamelCase static functions
staging: sm750fb: rename swI2CInit to sm750_sw_i2c_init
staging: sm750fb: rename swI2CReadReg to sm750_sw_i2c_read_reg
staging: sm750fb: rename swI2CWriteReg to sm750_sw_i2c_write_reg
staging: sm750fb: ddk750_swi2c: staticize swI2C{SCL,SDA}
staging: sm750fb: ddk750_swi2c: rename CamelCase static functions
staging: sm750fb: ddk750_hw_i2c: rename busSpeedMode
staging: sm750fb: hw_i2c_{read,write}: rename CamelCase variables
staging: sm750fb: ddk750_hwi2c: reduce amount of CamelCase
staging: sm750fb: ddk750_swi2c: rename CamelCase static variables
staging: sm750fb: ddk750_swi2c: further reduce CamelCase
staging: sm750fb: ddk750_*i2c: remove multiple blank lines
staging: sm750fb: ddk750_*i2c: shorten lines to under 80 characters

drivers/staging/sm750fb/ddk750_hwi2c.c | 109 ++++++------
drivers/staging/sm750fb/ddk750_hwi2c.h | 9 +-
drivers/staging/sm750fb/ddk750_sii164.c | 8 +-
drivers/staging/sm750fb/ddk750_swi2c.c | 291 ++++++++++++++++----------------
drivers/staging/sm750fb/ddk750_swi2c.h | 47 ++----
drivers/staging/sm750fb/sm750_hw.c | 10 +-
6 files changed, 228 insertions(+), 246 deletions(-)


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