Re: [PATCH 01/10] irqchip: irq-mips-gic: export gic_send_ipi

From: Qais Yousef
Date: Mon Aug 24 2015 - 11:11:13 EST

On 08/24/2015 03:55 PM, Thomas Gleixner wrote:
On Mon, 24 Aug 2015, Qais Yousef wrote:
On 08/24/2015 01:49 PM, Thomas Gleixner wrote:
On Mon, 24 Aug 2015, Qais Yousef wrote:

Some drivers might require to send ipi to other cores. So export it.
Which IPIs do you need to send from a driver which are not exposed by
the SMP functions already?
It's not an SMP IPI. We use GIC to exchange interrupts between AXD and the
host system since AXD is another MIPS core in the cluster.
So that should have been in the changelog to begin with.

OK sorry for the confusion. I'll amend the changelog and be more careful in the future.


This will be used later by AXD driver.
That smells fishy and it wants a proper explanation WHY and not just a
sloppy statement that it will be used later. I can figure that out
myself as exporting a function without using it does not make any sense.
Sorry for the terse explanation. As pointed above AXD uses GIC to send and
receive interrupts to the host core. Without this change I can't compile the
driver as a driver module because the symbol is not exported.
Really? Exporting it solves that problem then. That's interesting news
for me.



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