Re: [RFC] sdhci: fix DMA leaks [was: [SHDCI] Heavy (thousands) DMA leaks]

From: Laura Abbott
Date: Mon Aug 24 2015 - 12:26:38 EST

On 08/06/2015 02:17 AM, Chen Bough wrote:
I will format a patch based on your diff file firstly. I will test this on my side,
If any issue, like dma issue or performance issue, I will add some modification.
Then I will send the patch for review, and you can test the patch on your platform.

Best Regards
Haibo Chen

Did I miss the follow up patch or is this still pending? If it's still pending,
would you mind Ccing me when it's available for testing?


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DMA leaks]

On 08/06/2015, 09:42 AM, Chen Bough wrote:
I read your attached log and patch, yes, dma memory leak will happen
when more than one pre_request execute. The method of ++next->cookie
is not good, your patch seems good, but I still need some time to test
the patch, because you unmap the dma in sdhci_finish_data rather than
the sdhci_post_req.


yes, this is not correct. We can perhaps differentiate according to the
COOKIE value. Should I fix it or are you going to prepare a patch based
on my RFC?

suse labs

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