RE: [PATCH] mm: Check if section present during memory block (un)registering

From: Luck, Tony
Date: Tue Aug 25 2015 - 19:24:28 EST

> It appears this should be backported into -stable kernels, yes? Do you
> know which kernel versions need the fix?

For my setup the problem is first seen after:

commit bdee237c0343 " x86: mm: Use 2GB memory block size on large memory x86-64 systems"

which appeared in v3.19 and forced a 2GB memory block size. But it could happen on older
systems depending on the block size picked based on the alignment of max_pfn.

Looking further back (to v3.15) ... we used a fixed MIN_MEMORY_BLOCK_SIZE for
all systems prior to

commit 982792c782ef "x86, mm: probe memory block size for generic x86 64bit"

So maybe:

Cc: stable@xxxxxxxxxx #v3.15

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