Re: [arc-linux-dev] Re: [PATCH v3 0/6] ARCv2 port to Linux - (C) perf

From: Alexey Brodkin
Date: Thu Aug 27 2015 - 02:58:17 EST

Hi Peter,

On Wed, 2015-08-26 at 12:07 +-0000, Alexey Brodkin wrote:
+AD4- Hi Peter,
+AD4- On Mon, 2015-08-24 at 17:20 +-0300, Alexey Brodkin wrote:
+AD4- +AD4- Hi Peter,
+AD4- +AD4-
+AD4- +AD4- This mini-series adds perf support for ARCv2 based cores, which brings in
+AD4- +AD4- overflow interupts and SMP. Additionally now raw events are supported as well.
+AD4- +AD4-
+AD4- +AD4- Please review +ACE-
+AD4- +AD4-
+AD4- +AD4- Compared to v2 this series has:
+AD4- +AD4- +AFs-1+AF0- Removed patch with raw-events support.
+AD4- +AD4- It needs some rework and let's then discuss it separately.
+AD4- +AD4- Still I plan to send it shortly.
+AD4- +AD4- +AFs-2+AF0- Merged +ACI-set usable max period as a half of real max period+ACI- into
+AD4- +AD4- +ACI-implement +ACI-event+AF8-set+AF8-period+ACI-.
+AD4- +AD4- +AFs-3+AF0- Fixed arc+AF8-pmu+AF8-event+AF8-set+AF8-period() in regard of incorrect
+AD4- +AD4- +ACI-hwc-+AD4-period+AF8-left+ACI- setup.
+AD4- +AD4- +AFs-4+AF0- Moved interrupts enabling from arc+AF8-pmu+AF8-add() to arc+AF8-pmu+AF8-start()
+AD4- +AD4-
+AD4- +AD4- Compared to v1 this series has:
+AD4- +AD4- +AFs-1+AF0- Addressed review comments
+AD4- +AD4- +AFs-2+AF0- More verbose commit messages and comments in sources
+AD4- +AD4- +AFs-3+AF0- Minor cosmetics
+AD4- +AD4-
+AD4- +AD4- Thanks,
+AD4- +AD4- Alexey

I'm wondering if you have any other comments on this series,
otherwise please consider it for applying.

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