Re: çå: [PATCH 1/5] net: add Hisilicon Network Subsystem support (config and documents)

From: Kenneth Lee
Date: Thu Aug 27 2015 - 05:45:33 EST

On Fri, Aug 21, 2015 at 04:00:35PM +0200, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
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> Subject: Re: çå: [PATCH 1/5] net: add Hisilicon Network Subsystem
> support (config and documents)
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> On Monday 17 August 2015 01:28:07 Liguozhu wrote:
> > Thanks, Arnd.
> >
> > Regarding the ae-name: it is the name of the Acceleration Engine. It is provided
> > by the BIOS according to the position and the feature enabled of the IP.
> > So "soc0" means it is on SoC No. 0, while "n4" means it is running on
> >"Non-dsaf mode 4". Ideally, we should setup the rule to name it. But as I
> > said in the patchset, the IP is original designed for a bare metal solution,
> > it is worthless to export all modes and we are planning to add more mode
> > for Linux itself in the IP in future version. So I think the better way is
> > to leave it as a "name" but add more meaning in the future.
> The name property is a bit awkward. The position is normally implied by
> the location of the parent device in the DT, so you should not need that
> at all and instead derive it elsewhere. You can also add strings to the
> compatible property instead of this, to signify differences in the programming
> that are based on how the IP block is used.
> > Regarding the ae-opts: it is the initial value for the AE's runtime options,
> > Currently, we have only "port number" (there are 6XGE+2GE port for a DSAF AE)
> > as option. But for future version, we will add other options such as "enable
> > Spanning Tree Protocol algorithm)" and so on.
> I think these can easily be converted into an index property and boolean
> flags (present if true, absent otherwise) for additional features.
> > Should I add these background to somewhere?
> The binding document needs to list all supported configurations, if you
> have a string property, describe specifically what strings are allowed
> and what they mean, but better try to avoid strings altogether.
> Arnd
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Dear Arnd,

We are working on the new PatchSet. I describe the new design here so in case
you can tell us if we make something wrong.

So now we will keep some attributes in enthernet node like this:

compatible = "hisilicon,hns-nic";
ae-name = "dsaf1";
port-id = <0>;

ae-name is simply a name referring to the name of dsa_name in SAF node.

port-id is the index of port provided by DSAF (the accelerator). DSAF can
connect to 8 PHYs. Port 0 to 1 are both used for adminstration purpose. They
are called debug ports.

The remaining 6 PHYs are taken according to the mode of DSAF.

In NIC mode of DSAF, all 6 PHYs are taken as ethernet ports to the CPU. The
port-id can be 2 to 7. Here is the diagram:

| CPU |
| | | | | | | |
debug service
port port
(0,1) (2-7)

In Switch mode of DSAF, all 6 PHYs are taken as physical ports connect to a
LAN Switch while the CPU side assume itself have one single NIC connect to
this switch. In this case, the port-id will be 2 only.

| CPU |
| | | service port(2)
debug +------------+
port | switch |
(0,1) +-+-+-+-+-+-++
| | | | | |

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