Re: [PATCH v16 00/16] perf, tools: Add support for PMU events in JSON format

From: Sukadev Bhattiprolu
Date: Mon Aug 31 2015 - 15:08:29 EST

Sukadev Bhattiprolu [sukadev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] wrote:
| CPUs support a large number of performance monitoring events (PMU events)
| and often these events are very specific to an architecture/model of the
| CPU. To use most of these PMU events with perf, we currently have to identify
| them by their raw codes:
| perf stat -e r100f2 sleep 1
| This patchset allows architectures to specify these PMU events in JSON
| files located in 'tools/perf/pmu-events/arch/' of the mainline tree.
| The events from the JSON files for the architecture are then built into
| the perf binary.
| At run time, perf identifies the specific set of events for the CPU and
| creates "event aliases". These aliases allow users to specify events by
| "name" as:
| perf stat -e pm_1plus_ppc_cmpl sleep 1
| The file, 'tools/perf/pmu-events/README' in [PATCH 16/16] gives more
| details.
| Note:
| - All known events tables for the architecture are included in the
| perf binary.
| - For architectures that don't have any JSON files, an empty mapping
| table is created and they should continue to build.
| Thanks to input from Andi Kleen, Jiri Olsa, Namhyung Kim and Ingo Molnar.
| These patches are available from:
| Branch Description
| ------------------------------------------------------
| json-v16 Source Code only
| json-files-6 x86 and Powerpc datafiles only
| json-v16-with-data Both code and data (for build/test)

Arnaldo, Ingo,

I added Andi's patch to 'json-v16' branch.
and created a new branch, 'json-files-7' with updated to Intel data files.
Here are the three new branches.

Branch Description
json-v16 Source Code only
json-files-7 x86 and Powerpc datafiles only
json-v16.1-with-data Both code and data (for build/test)


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