Re: [PATCH 01/10] irqchip: irq-mips-gic: export gic_send_ipi

From: Qais Yousef
Date: Wed Sep 02 2015 - 09:26:23 EST

On 09/02/2015 12:53 PM, Marc Zyngier wrote:
On 02/09/15 11:48, Qais Yousef wrote:
It's worth noting in the light of this that INT_SPEC should be optional
since for hardware similar to mine there's not much to tell the
controller if it's all dynamic except where we want the IPI to be routed
to - the INT_SPEC is implicitly defined by the notion it's an IPI.
Well, I'd think that the INT_SPEC should say that it is an IPI, and I
don't believe we should omit it. On the ARM GIC side, our interrupts are
typed (type 0 is a normal wired interrupt, type 1 a per-cpu interrupt,
and we could allocate type 2 to identify an IPI).

I didn't mean to omit it completely, but just being optional so it's specified if the intc needs this info only. I'm assuming that INT_SPEC is interrupt controller specific. If not, then ignore me :-)

But we do need to identify it properly, as we should be able to cover
both IPIs and normal wired interrupts.

I'm a bit confused here. What do you mean by normal wired interrupts? I thought this DT binding is only to describe IPIs that needs reserving and routing. What am I missing?

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