Re: [PATCH 1/3] context_tracking: remove duplicate enabled check

From: Rik van Riel
Date: Mon Nov 09 2015 - 08:58:06 EST

On 10/27/2015 09:39 PM, Paolo Bonzini wrote:
> All calls to context_tracking_enter and context_tracking_exit
> are already checking context_tracking_is_enabled, except the
> context_tracking_user_enter and context_tracking_user_exit
> functions left in for the benefit of assembly calls.
> Pull the check up to those functions, by making them simple
> wrappers around the user_enter and user_exit inline functions.
> Cc: Andy Lutomirski <luto@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: Frederic Weisbecker <fweisbec@xxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: Rik van Riel <riel@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: Paul McKenney <paulmck@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Signed-off-by: Paolo Bonzini <pbonzini@xxxxxxxxxx>

Reviewed-by: Rik van Riel <riel@xxxxxxxxxx>
Tested-by: Rik van Riel <riel@xxxxxxxxxx>

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