Re: [PATCH v10 01/22] perf tools: Add 'perf-config' command

From: Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo
Date: Mon Nov 09 2015 - 08:58:19 EST

Em Mon, Nov 09, 2015 at 11:32:54AM +0900, Taeung Song escreveu:
> The perf configuration file contains many variables to change various
> aspects of each of its tools, including output, disk usage, etc.
> But looking through state of configuration is difficult and
> there's no knowing what kind of other variables except variables
> in perfconfig.example exist. So This patch adds 'perf-config'
> command with '--list' option.
> perf config [options]
> display current perf config variables.
> # perf config
> or
> # perf config -l | --list

So, trying to use it:

$ perf config

It does nothing, it should either list the configuration values, I think
probably showing just what is in the ~/.perfconfig files, i.e. things
the user explicitely changed, or show an usage message, like all the
other tools, for instance:

$ perf stat

Usage: perf stat [<options>] [<command>]

-a, --all-cpus system-wide collection from all CPUs
-A, --no-aggr disable CPU count aggregation
-B, --big-num print large numbers with thousands' separators
-C, --cpu <cpu> list of cpus to monitor in system-wide

'perf evlist' alternatively does, like perf list, show what a default

$ perf evlist


$ perf list | head -5
branch-instructions OR branches [Hardware event]
branch-misses [Hardware event]
bus-cycles [Hardware event]
cache-misses [Hardware event]
cache-references [Hardware event]

While 'perf config' does nothing :-\

I suggest you do just like 'perf evlist' and 'perf list'.

- Arnaldo
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