Re: Hibernate resume bug around 3,18-rc2 - Full PAT support

From: vasvir
Date: Thu Nov 19 2015 - 02:50:31 EST


Thanks for the quick answer

> Could you please try the most recent 4.3 kernel? There has been some
> work related to this topic after 4.2 (large page pat handling done by
> Toshi Kani and mtrr/pat handling by Luis Rodriguez).

That means I will reset the bisection. Right? Is there any other info we
can extract from there?

So Do you want me to test 4.3 or 4.4-pre/rc*/latest linus tree. I assume
4.3 for now.

I will do it later tonight. It will take 2 days at least to report back

> Another interesting information would be the exact hardware you are
> using. Maybe we can see some similarities between yours and the other
> two cases you referenced above.

It is an i7
Motherboard: ASROCK H97 PRO4 RETAIL
CPU INTEL CORE I7-4790 3.60GHZ LGA1150 - BOX
It has 16GB of RAM, one SSD and one HDD
I have NO external graphics card

Do you want me to run something on this like lspci, lsusb

I upgraded the BIOS of the motherboard to the latest. This is not the
problem though because I upgraded after the problem occurred as a counter
measure in case I was hit by a buggy BIOS and linux had changed its
behavior to be stricter.

I experimented with ACPI compilers/decompilers and I was tempted to fix my
ACPI tables but I didn't.

I saw the kernel command line option acpi_os=!Windows2013 but I didn't try
it. Do you thing I should try it?

> Wow! Thanks for doing this work!

I would like this to be fixed so I am willing to do the testing.


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