Re: Asterisk deadlocks since Kernel 4.1

From: Stefan Priebe
Date: Thu Nov 19 2015 - 14:52:02 EST

Am 19.11.2015 um 14:19 schrieb Florian Weimer:
On 11/19/2015 01:46 PM, Stefan Priebe - Profihost AG wrote:

I can try Kernel 4.4-rc1 next week. Or something else?

I found this bug report which indicates that 4.1.10 works:


But in your original report, you said that 4.1.13 is broken.

That's correct i'm running 4.1.13.

This backtrace:


shows a lot of waiting on quite different netlink sockets. So if this
is due to a race in Asterisk, it must have happened several times in a row.

Might be I've always only one waiting.



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