Re: [PATCH][RFC,v4] ACPI / PM: Introduce efi poweroff for HW-full platforms without _S5

From: Matt Fleming
Date: Mon Mar 14 2016 - 16:00:45 EST

On Fri, 11 Mar, at 04:33:46PM, Chen, Yu C wrote:
> There is a future Base-IA platform, we are planning to skip
> implementing the SLP_TYP register and the S5 object. (already there
> will be no S3 and no S4)

Cool. This is really valuable information that should go into the
commit message.

Because if this is the rationale for the change, I don't see why we'd
need to provide the default stuff. Instead we should just enforce EFI
reboot, and only add the pm_poweroff_default hook if there is an
explicit user in the future, IMO.