Re: [GIT PULL] kconfig changes for v4.6-rc1

From: Geert Uytterhoeven
Date: Fri Mar 25 2016 - 04:54:52 EST

Hi Michal, Al,

On Thu, Mar 24, 2016 at 9:51 PM, Michal Marek <mmarek@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> just two kconfig commits this time:
> - kconfig Makefile fix for make 3.80
> - Fix calculating symbols so that KCONFIG_ALLCONFIG=... does not disable

> for you to fetch changes up to 6b87b70c5339f30e3c5b32085e69625906513dc2:
> unbreak allmodconfig KCONFIG_ALLCONFIG=... (2016-02-01 15:12:40 +0100)
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Al Viro (1):
> unbreak allmodconfig KCONFIG_ALLCONFIG=...

I can now indeed drop the


line from my


However, this fix has the side-effect of enabling CONFIG_MODULES silently for

make allyesconfig KCONFIG_ALLCONFIG=1

Adding an explicit


to the allyes.config file fixes that.

IMHO CONFIG_MODULES should default to y when using allmodconfig, and
default to n when using allyesconfig.



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