Re: staging: ks7010: Rename jump labels

From: SF Markus Elfring
Date: Tue Jul 26 2016 - 03:30:51 EST

> I have a lot of other things to work on, of much greater interest (to me.)

This is fine.

Thanks for your feedback.

>>> Personally I see no value in such statistics.
>> Do they indicate any code smells eventually?
> I have no idea what you mean, sorry.

How do you think about to take another look at additional views
around software development methodologies?


Do you occasionally care about a length distribution for identifiers
(like goto labels) of up to 39 characters?

> You keep asking more and more from me.

I am looking also for further clarification based on your responses.

> May I remind you this is your "project" in the first place, not mine?

I invite also others to contribute to such a software evolution.

> If you have no idea what should be done,

I have got some ideas for changes. I am just unsure on how the corresponding
acceptance will evolve.

> or even whether anything should be done, then just move on to something else.

This can also happen.

> I have already expressed all my views on this topic

I guess that related information will be reconsidered later.

> and am not willing to say anything more about it.

I would interpret the suggestion "CodingStyle: Clarify and complete chapter 7"
in the way that your interest grew for a moment.

I am curious if you are going to contribute to the proposed improvement
a bit more.