Re: [PATCH] mm: move phys_mem_access_prot_allowed() declaration to pgtable.h

From: kbuild test robot
Date: Mon Sep 12 2016 - 12:25:52 EST

Hi Baoyou,

[auto build test ERROR on linus/master]
[also build test ERROR on v4.8-rc6 next-20160912]
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config: xtensa-common_defconfig (attached as .config)
compiler: xtensa-linux-gcc (GCC) 4.9.0
wget -O ~/bin/make.cross
chmod +x ~/bin/make.cross
# save the attached .config to linux build tree
make.cross ARCH=xtensa

All errors (new ones prefixed by >>):

include/asm-generic/pgtable.h: Assembler messages:
>> include/asm-generic/pgtable.h:817: Error: unknown opcode or format name 'struct'
>> include/asm-generic/pgtable.h:818: Error: extra comma
>> include/asm-generic/pgtable.h:818: Error: syntax error
>> include/asm-generic/pgtable.h:819: Error: unknown opcode or format name 'unsigned'

vim +/struct +817 include/asm-generic/pgtable.h

811 #define has_transparent_hugepage() 1
812 #else
813 #define has_transparent_hugepage() 0
814 #endif
815 #endif
> 817 struct file;
> 818 int phys_mem_access_prot_allowed(struct file *file, unsigned long pfn,
> 819 unsigned long size, pgprot_t *vma_prot);
820 #endif /* _ASM_GENERIC_PGTABLE_H */

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