Re: Input-gameport: Add the macro "pr_fmt" for module "joydump"

From: SF Markus Elfring
Date: Sat Sep 24 2016 - 14:45:48 EST

> When a chorus of voices says to you that you are wasting
> their time, perhaps you listen to their song.

I am listening to some degree. - I guess that I am making some decisions
and conclusions in a way that you would prefer to be different.

I know that my update suggestions won't be liked by all contributors.

> It seems to me your patch proposals have a relatively high
> unapplied patch percentage

I agree here. - This impression can occur for a while.

I find that this situation is hardly avoidable according to my evolving number
of update suggestions.
In which time frames do you look for the corresponding software development process?

> and there is an increase in the number of upstream maintainers that ignore you.

It's a pity. - I hope that the corresponding software development can still
be continued in constructive ways.

> Yes, the overall number of patches should be minimized when
> the suggested patches are highly related.

I have got a special opinion about patch squashing. But I can consider it
also for this update step when a corresponding consensus could be
achieved between contributors.