Re: ISDN-CAPI: Adjust 17 function calls together with variable assignments

From: SF Markus Elfring
Date: Mon Sep 26 2016 - 08:29:58 EST

>> The script "" can point out that assignments should usually
>> not be performed within condition checks.
>> Thus move the assignment for a variable to a separate statement
>> in four functions.
> Did you recycle this commit explanation?

Yes. - I am going to use similar commit messages for further changes
in other software modules.

> Because git diff tells me you actually touched about eight functions.

You are right. - I'm sorry that I overlooked to update this number somehow.

> scripts/ -f drivers/isdn/capi/capidrv.c | grep "assignment in if condition" | wc -l
> It tells me there are actually 18 instances of this "ERROR".
> Why did you ignore one of it in this patch?

Did I accidentally leave another update candidate over?

* How do you think about to pick such a software update opportunity up?

* Do you expect a resend for the steps 3 - 5 of this small patch series?