Re: md/dm-crypt: Rename a jump label in crypt_message() ?

From: SF Markus Elfring
Date: Fri Sep 30 2016 - 08:55:10 EST

> If you continue discussing after that point,

I guess that such a condition is not needed.

> then you make a clear statement that it isn't an accident.

I hope that most of my software development activities are not "an accident".
Is the intent for any update suggestion (like the renaming of a jump label
in this case) reasonable to some degree?

> You are deliberately wasting their time.

I imagine that I do not really try to "waste" others time. But I am trying
also to change some "things".
There are circumstances when these contributions are interpreted as "wasted efforts".
Is the change acceptance usually higher for other update patterns?

> Something along "I will not listen.

I am listening while my responses might not fit to your current expectations.

> I will not change.

I have got also some personal change opportunities.

> Nothing you tell me will ever make it worth your time to do so"?

While you can be so clear about a rejection for this software module at the moment,
other contributors showed occasionally more positive information.