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From: Ove BjÃrn Karlsen
Date: Mon Oct 17 2016 - 07:18:00 EST

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I tried Linux in 2010, with the peak of the Ubuntu distribution, Karmic
Koala. And soon compiled my own kernel for it. But little recognition of my
later low-jitter work it would seem. (That actually removed all "disk read"
stops, from high-performance demanding games like Doom 3. Enabling a fluent
3x72 fps, since the engine does 3 passes pr. frame.)

And later Microsoft took back its lead. A big corporation like Microsoft
could probably not be defeated. Unless ofcourse there was some real issue,
some obscurity, that was the blue elephant in the room.

In Linux it is GNU. In Microsoft it is Gary Kildall.

Many may not be aware, that Gary Kildall should actually have been the Bill
Gates of today. He actually wrote the first microcomputer OS, CP/M
(~Kernal/console) that Microsoft later infringed on, and copied as MS-DOS.

When I analyse this, it seems american nationalism is at work. Gary Kildall
had parents of Norwegian and Swedish heritage. Yet few here in Norway even
seems to be aware of the "real" Bill Gates. While many know the enthusiast
computing environment have had their brilliant people.

When it comes to the discussion of "Microsoft Business Practises", one
should definately read

That is what it really ultimately is about. MS-DOS later even admitted to
have "CP/M source" in the sourcetree.

Like I had to leave GNU support due to its obscurity, I have to leave "MS"
support for the same.

Things Have To Be Done Right, and if anyone could do that, maybe some new OS
have a chance :)

My view of a "good OS", is a high-level low-jitter optimized innerloop
construct, based on possily just-in-time interpretated language, making most
of the OS language one, and usable by newbies and advanced, that might make
assembly aswell. Where often used library macros could ultimately be made in
H/W and accelerated.

If you are a brilliant programmer indeed, in the US, salute the flag, and be
american supergun... :|

Or.. make a music video:

Peaceful Saluations.

So to really say what I am thinking.. A Good OS Obeys Metaphysical Laws.

Of Paradox Theos, or the culturally correct corresponding concept. (Probably
not so much "god", but the original Gotan probably was that.)
. .

Peaceful Salutations.

I also wrote this:

Just to be a little bit crazy, if the remotest chance of anyone wanting me to
work with this, and finance it, I would.

RightOS by Admirers Of Paradox Theos. Some of the most intelligen men in the
world who respect the metaphysical might pull this off. And fix so many
obscurities we find with the modern internet.

Peaceful Salutations.

Just off hand after between 15 and 20 years monitoring the LKML the fellows
here didn't bother to read the rant. And incidentally, Gary Kildall was an
American first with ancestors from your neck of the woods. He spoke American
English with no more accent than a few stiff drinks might cause. I met him at
a computer convention many years ago and had the chance to chatter with him.
So if you're getting all national pride, you're being a little silly. Next
time approach it without the rant. It might get a better reception. This group
does NOT go for demonstrations of ego in the code or newbie coders.


I do not need to you speak of behalf of "the fellows". And, no, I am not a
newbie coder, I have done some of the worlds best DSP, beating all your
contemporary recordlabels, better kernel configs than most here, and the
philosophy I present is also better than all current Microsoft, Linux, CP/M etc,
that honestly, are all based in phallic totems, that can never really be truly

It is that point of intelligence, beyond phallic totems, that people truly
should reach for. However to become conscious of this, and actually do it, seems
hard, in a culture where 99% of it, seems phallic based, thought relevant to
mindreducing drugs, or citypromiscuity and liqour. And even it all is about sex
and ofcourse really children, many of these doesnÂt even hit the mark there.

I have gone there though, and made it simpler for the rest. Follow, Intelligent

My summary of research on religion has been top 1% research on Academia aswell,
and is available here:

Peaceful Salutations

It's not me you have to convince. I'm more an observer than a contributor, although there is a miniscule bit of my coding in the pile of other people's contributions. I'm mostly just an interested 72 year old lady who tried to make an observation. Your emails bristle with ego, rightly or wrongly. The kernel developers do not take kindly to king size egos and tend to bruise them severely. They are very big on proven contributions politely offered. And as far as this group goes, you are a newbie according to the group's dynamics. You contribute, you build your reputation, and eventually you're a full blown contributor who is no longer a newbie. I was speaking of newbie to the group not to coding in general.

What does researching religion have to do with the price of tea on the Moon let alone the LKML? At least you picked a topic that people should be investigating these days. The first time I bounced on examining that particular ideology may have your birth by a goodly number of years. Every time I've looked at it since I've become more disgusted with it. It's humanities collective suicide pact wrapped in pig intestines and served up as sausage, which is totally enough said about an odious topic.


This is the kind of nutter who likes a phallic totem, guys. Is that the kind of company you would prefer? Obviously the internet truly needs a correct paradigm.

Peaceful Salutations,
Ove BjÃrn Karlsen
AKA Admirer Of Paradox Theos.

PS: I am also testing my philosophy in pop culture: