[PATCH v4 0/7]

From: Nick Dyer
Date: Tue Oct 18 2016 - 19:34:50 EST


Apologies, I think I hit send too soon on the previous email.

Please find attached patches to add F34 firmware update to the RMI4

Changes in v4:
- Add support for v7 bootloaders and fix numerous issues
- Add sysfs attributes for retrieving various hardware IDs
- Add a couple of debug lines to core

Changes in v3:
- Only attempt to flash on F34 V0 (later versions have different
register map)

Changes in v2:
- Resolved reliability issues with locking and teardown/re-probe
- Add #ifdefs for CONFIG_RMI4_F34 in rmi_driver.c
- Slightly improve debug
- Tested by Chris Healy