Re: [Intel-wired-lan] [PATCH] igb: add missing fields to TXDCTL-register

From: Henrik Austad
Date: Wed Oct 19 2016 - 11:08:16 EST

On Wed, Oct 19, 2016 at 07:25:10AM -0700, Jesse Brandeburg wrote:
> On Wed, 19 Oct 2016 14:37:59 +0200
> Henrik Austad <henrik@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > The current list of E1000_TXDCTL-registers is incomplete. This adds
> > the missing parts for the Transmit Descriptor Control (TXDCTL)
> > register.
> >
> > The rest of these values (threshold for descriptor read/write) for
> > TXDCTL seems to be defined in igb/igb.h, not sure why this is split
> > though.
> Hi Henrik, thanks for helping with our code.
> While totally correct, having defines added to the kernel that are not
> being used anywhere in the code isn't really very useful. Often the
> upstream maintainers/reviewers will reject a patch like this that just
> adds to a .h file, because there are no actual users of the defines.

Yes, I agree, best to avoid bloat whenever possible.

> If the transmit or ethtool code were to use these (via the same patch)
> or something like that, then the patch would be more likely to be
> accepted.

Ah, good to know. I am in the process of spinning out a new set of
TSN-patches (previous version: see [1]) and setting the priority-bit for
the Tx-queues is required. This means that I'm hacking more at igb_main.c.

So this was more about laying the groundwork for the series.

I'll leave this patch in the tsn-series then, and resend once I'm ready and
hope you can provide some feedback on the rest of the series then :)

> Jesse
> PS In the future no need to copy linux-kernel for patches going to our
> submaintainer list.

Ok, I'll remember that, thanks!


Henrik Austad

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