Re: [alsa-devel] [RFC PATCH 2/2] ASoC: samsung: Print a one-time message if the snow driver's probe defers

From: Sylwester Nawrocki
Date: Thu Oct 20 2016 - 07:27:38 EST

On 10/20/2016 12:41 PM, Javier Martinez Canillas wrote:
> I see no relevant changes in exynos_defconfig between v4.7..v4.8 and
> also no changes in drivers/Makefile that could cause things to be
> initialized on a different order.

I remember this

commit 6eb1c9496b81680f2cd2e0eda06c531317e2e28d
clk: probe common clock drivers earlier

going in recently, but it's rather dubious it could cause such trouble.

Anyway, I'd try to add some debug prints to samsung_i2s_probe() to see
what's the issue with the CPU DAI registration.

> But I thought the patches had merits on its own since probe deferral
> can make a driver probe many times and the error logs were noisy. I
> wasn't sure though and that's why are marked as RFC.

In general I wouldn't be disabling those err logs unless proper
EPROBE_DEFER handling is added on related error paths and we can
differentiate between probe deferral and real unrecoverable errors
and can disable logging only for EPROBE_DEFER cases.

>> As far as the error log is concerned, I would just not print anything
>> in snow_probe() when register_card() returns EPROBE_DEFER.
> I believe it may be useful to know that a driver's probe is deferring
> due a missing dependency but have no strong opinion and can remove the
> message.

I'd rather rely on core code to inform about missing resources when
registering components. Otherwise booting unnecessarily takes more
time when there is more probe deferring logs printed on the console.