Re: [PATCH v13 3/5] input: touchscreen: mxs-lradc: Add support for touchscreen

From: Stefan Wahren
Date: Sun Jan 29 2017 - 18:55:52 EST

Hi Ksenija,

> Ksenija Stanojevic <ksenija.stanojevic@xxxxxxxxx> hat am 29. Januar 2017 um 19:04 geschrieben:
> Add 4-wire/5-wire touchscreen controller.

i compiled all 3 driver as a module and kept the devicetree for the Olinuxino iMX233 [1] as it is (no touchscreen). After booting all 3 driver are loaded:

Module Size Used by
mxs_lradc_adc 11000 0
industrialio_triggered_buffer 2628 1 mxs_lradc_adc
kfifo_buf 3337 1 industrialio_triggered_buffer
mxs_lradc_ts 4192 0
mxs_lradc 4402 0
mfd_core 4612 1 mxs_lradc

But the touchscreen driver threw this error:

[ 427.230000] mxs-lradc-ts: probe of mxs-lradc-ts failed with error -22

I didn't expect this behavior. I expect that the touchscreen driver notice that there isn't a touchscreen property and abort probing silently. Also i didn't expected that the driver is still loaded in case of a probe error.

Btw shouldn't be the mxs_lradc_adc "Used by" mxs_lradc?

Because "modprobe -r mxs_lradc" doesn't unload mxs_lradc_adc.

[1] -