Re: [PATCH 0/8] staging: lustre: lnet: change wire protocol typedefs to proper structure

From: James Simmons
Date: Sun Jan 29 2017 - 18:57:08 EST

> On Sat, 2017-01-21 at 19:40 -0500, James Simmons wrote:
> > The upstream kernel requires proper structures so
> > convert nearly all the LNet wire protocols typedefs in
> > the LNet core.
> Thanks.
> Perhaps s/\bWIRE_ATTR\b/__packed/g one day too

I liked to keep that one. The point of WIRE_ATTR isn't to be
some abstraction but to label that struct as something that
goes over the wire. This lets people know that it would break
something if you change that structure. Looks like I need to
send a patch that adds a comment explaning the meaning of