Re: [PATCH RESEND] ARM: ep93xx: Disable TS-72xx watchdog before uncompressing

From: Afzal Mohammed
Date: Wed Feb 08 2017 - 07:35:12 EST


On Thu, Feb 02, 2017 at 12:12:26PM -0800, Florian Fainelli wrote:
> The TS-72xx/73xx boards have a CPLD watchdog which is configured to
> reset the board after 8 seconds, if the kernel is large enough that this
> takes about this time to decompress the kernel, we will encounter a
> spurious reboot.

so once it reaches Kernel proper, that dog is being killed, right ?

iirc, TI AM335x's & AM43x's ROM code too leaves the on-chip watchdog
enabled & the bootloader disables it (else once it boots to prompt, it
reboots always unless watchdog driver [if present] takes care of it),
Lokesh, right ?

But yes, that brings a bootloader dependency.