__user with scalar data types

From: Jordan Crouse
Date: Mon Jun 19 2017 - 12:15:31 EST

A number of us over in DRM land have been using __u64 scalar types
to store pointers for uapi structures in accordance with Daniel Vetter's
now classic treatise on ioctls:


A smaller number of us have further been marking the __u64 with __user,
to wit:

struct uapistruct {
__u64 __user myptr;

And then converting it for use in the kernel as such:

void __user *userptr = (void __user *)(uintptr_t)args->myptr;

copy_from_user(local, userptr, size);

The problem is that sparse doesn't like the momentary switch to

warning: dereference of noderef expression

Which raised a bikeshed debate over whether it is appropriate to mark a scalar
type as __user. My opinion is that it is appropriate because __user should mark
user memory regardless of the container.

I'm looking for opinions or semi-authoritative edicts to determine if we should
either start changing our uapi headers or go off and try to figure out how to
make sparse understand this particular usage.

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