Re: [PATCH 1/5] staging/pi433:Removed Coding style issues from pi433_if.h and other dependencies arising from it.

From: Wolf Entwicklungen
Date: Wed Aug 02 2017 - 05:15:25 EST

Hi Dan,

I offered Greg to have an eye on the patches, that were submitted. He asked
me to reply to those patches, I had a look for, with the Reviewed-by tag.

Now I am a bit unsure, what I should do.

Since I am interested in, I for sure will read every patch. It's just a little
thing, to reply with reviewed-tag - if you / Greg like(s). I can do so on every
reviewed patch, only on patches without need/wish of improvement or never.

Compiling every patch is a bit inconvenient.

Please let me know, what you and Greg would like.



Am Mi, 2.08.2017, 10:59 schrieb Dan Carpenter:
> I seldom Ack patches or add Reviewed-by tags. Greg is going to compile
> test them all so that buys you a little slack but if you were committing
> patches yourself and you broke the build everyone would get annoyed with
> you. Just put a comment if you can't build test things.
> regards,
> dan carpenter