Re: [ANNOUNCE] autofs 5.1.4 release

From: Ian Kent
Date: Tue Dec 19 2017 - 05:42:09 EST

On 19/12/17 17:45, Patrick Goetz wrote:
> On 12/19/2017 02:29 AM, Ian Kent wrote:
>> A new amd mount type has been added. The amd mount type "program"
>> has been added which allows a user provided program to be given
>> in a map entry that will be used for performing the mount and
>> optionally another program to be used at umount.
> What's a use case for this?

It was requested and it is one of the standard amd mount types
that hadn't been implemented. If nothing else it makes a slightly
more complete amd map format implementation.

I've seen a case where someone used a script to customize a mount
command to suit different environments, where the mount command
needed to be slightly different for different platforms. Probably
not so useful to autofs but am-utils can run on a number of different
OSes so the amd maps used by autofs (ideally unchanged from other arches)
need to be able to cope with this.

There's also the case where a mount needs to use a custom command to
perform the mount (and possibly the umount at expire).

Long ago this was requested for Sun format maps but I'm still not
in a position to implement that (and it isn't part of the defined
Sun format map syntax either).