Re: linux-next: manual merge of the kvm-arm tree with the arm64 tree

From: Paolo Bonzini
Date: Fri Aug 17 2018 - 04:33:06 EST

On 16/08/2018 02:15, Stephen Rothwell wrote:
>> -#define ARM64_HAS_STAGE2_FWB 31
>> ++#define ARM64_HAS_STAGE2_FWB 32
>> --#define ARM64_NCAPS 32
>> ++#define ARM64_NCAPS 33
>> #endif /* __ASM_CPUCAPS_H */
> This is now a conflict between Linus' tree and the kvm-arm tree (and
> presumably soon the kvm tree).

This should have been sorted out using topic branches. I'll handle it
myself by splitting the pull request in two, but please try to organize
better the changes in non-KVM-specific arch/arm and arch/arm64 files.



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