Re: Why is no one discussing this anymore?

From: vsnsdualce
Date: Thu Dec 27 2018 - 15:58:05 EST

Waiting quietly for two months for Eben Moglen's preliminary write-up (which I was to be sent to "correct") got me no-where. Every seems to have concluded that the issue is settled since there was no more public discussion.

All the "other side" said was "nuh-uh" and "you're not a lawyer" (false: I am) and "you deserve to be in prison , isn't practicing law without a license a crime!" (I have a license), and "I'm sure RMS would have made sure the license was not revocable" (he required everyone to sign over their copyright to his foundation... guess why...).

Along with "This Artistic License Case decided the AL was not a contract, it was simply a copyright license!! SO THERE!!" (AL is not the GPL... but... the finding in that case helps me, why are you citing it?).

(They wisely did not cite the printer driver case where the court looked at the offer to do (paying) business and decided that their was an offer and acceptance based on that other additional writing... since that one isn't on point at all except for the fact that one of the options in that writing was a choice of a GPL licensed work if you didn't want to pay a commercial fee. (The contract there was the other writing giving the option: Pay and get more rights, don't pay and here's the GPL), so at-least there's that.)

Being nice did nothing but harm the case of the truth in the eyes of the people however.

The guys on the DNG list (Steve Litt I believe) are the ones that want me jailed...

On 2018-12-27 20:37, Paul Stuffins wrote:
<snip>Are you idiots aware <snip>
Insulting people is not the right way to get your point across!
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