Re: Why is no one discussing this anymore?

From: Bernd Petrovitsch
Date: Thu Dec 27 2018 - 16:56:31 EST

On 27/12/2018 21:30, vsnsdualce@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Real name pls, if want to be taken somewhat serious? Thank you.

> Why is no one discussing this anymore.

You don't discuss anything in the first place: You just spam mails with
claims without any reproducible proof.
And since we are here on a techie-list, said proofs should be
techie-understandable - it's not that techies adjust to non-techies if
it goes in the other direction.

> It's like you just accepted the "NU UH U WRONG" proclamation from

"Proof by claim"? I don't think so ....

> Are you idiots [...]
> Are you idiots aware that I am a lawyer[...]
> Are you idiots [...]

Interesting "qualities" of communication are apparently in order for
(alleged) lawyers in your part of the world.


PS: Sry for feeding the troll- won't happen anymore, it's only spam
after all ...
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