CoC loving Linux programmers swear the GPLv2 is irrevocable. They are wrong. (As are the women they wish to empower).

From: vnsndalce
Date: Sun Dec 30 2018 - 21:07:38 EST

Their take is that if you lent (licensed) them a lawnmower and told them not to wreck it, the fact that they did not wreck it entitles them to keep the lawnmower forever(they followed your instruction regarding the use of your property: "thus consideration, thus irrevocable license").

They are wrong. You can revoke the license.

You were paid nothing for this grant.
The takers have nothing.

Yet they are taking your positions, your seniority, controlling your speech, and ejecting you from your communities.

You must fight back. They have already taken from you all the natural pleasures in life (which include pretty young girls as brides, ruling over your girls and family, being the master - not the servant of the woman and her state).

Now they are taking this edifice, this refuge, which you have built for yourself.

They see you as replaceable, expendable, removable employees.
(See: Bruce Perens statements on slashdot and this and other mailing lists about how those who do not like the Code of Conduct can be easily replaced)

But you are property owners and may elect to enforce your rights as such. And you should do so.

And yes, You can trust my words. I am a licensed attorney, and I'm on your side. Not the side of the women. Not the side of people like Bruce Perens who see you as a replaceable cog: a worker... a chattel. Your side. The side of the dispossessed men who are ruled over by the women and the supporters of the women: who will not tolerate any corner of advertence not fixated on them.