Re: CoC loving Linux programmers swear the GPLv2 is irrevocable. They are wrong. (As are the women they wish to empower).

From: Ivan Ivanov
Date: Mon Dec 31 2018 - 03:46:16 EST

Thank you very much for this message, friend. We the people should
learn it and stop taking Cock of Conduct up our ass

ÐÐ, 31 ÐÐÐ. 2018 Ð. Ð 05:07, <vnsndalce@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Their take is that if you lent (licensed) them a lawnmower and told them
> not to wreck it, the fact that they did not wreck it entitles them to
> keep the lawnmower forever(they followed your instruction regarding the
> use of your property: "thus consideration, thus irrevocable license").
> They are wrong. You can revoke the license.
> You were paid nothing for this grant.
> The takers have nothing.
> Yet they are taking your positions, your seniority, controlling your
> speech, and ejecting you from your communities.
> You must fight back. They have already taken from you all the natural
> pleasures in life (which include pretty young girls as brides, ruling
> over your girls and family, being the master - not the servant of the
> woman and her state).
> Now they are taking this edifice, this refuge, which you have built for
> yourself.
> They see you as replaceable, expendable, removable employees.
> (See: Bruce Perens statements on slashdot and this and other mailing
> lists about how those who do not like the Code of Conduct can be easily
> replaced)
> But you are property owners and may elect to enforce your rights as
> such. And you should do so.
> And yes, You can trust my words. I am a licensed attorney, and I'm on
> your side. Not the side of the women. Not the side of people like Bruce
> Perens who see you as a replaceable cog: a worker... a chattel. Your
> side. The side of the dispossessed men who are ruled over by the women
> and the supporters of the women: who will not tolerate any corner of
> advertence not fixated on them.