Re: [PATCH v5 08/11] ASoC: Intel: atom: Make PCI dependency explicit

From: Mark Brown
Date: Thu Jan 03 2019 - 07:34:38 EST

On Wed, Jan 02, 2019 at 06:10:35PM +0000, Sinan Kaya wrote:

> After 'commit 5d32a66541c4 ("PCI/ACPI: Allow ACPI to be built without
> CONFIG_PCI set")' dependencies on CONFIG_PCI that previously were
> satisfied implicitly through dependencies on CONFIG_ACPI have to be
> specified directly. This code relies on IOSF_MBI and IOSF_MBI depends
> on PCI. For this reason, add a direct dependency on CONFIG_PCI to the
> IOSF_MBI driver.

I still don't understand what's going on with dependencies here and
still don't have the cover letter or anything :( . As far as I can tell
the above commit is in Linus' tree so I'd expect I can just apply it
directly but you were saying that this needs to go via some other tree
so I'm a bit confused as to what's going on here.

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