Re: Realtek r8822be kernel module does not negotiate 802.11ac connection

From: Larry Finger
Date: Fri Mar 01 2019 - 20:46:44 EST

On 3/1/19 4:26 PM, David R. Bergstein wrote:

Thanks for the response and detailed instructions, which allowed me to
build and install the rtw88 kernel module. I cannot however seem to get
my system to actually use the module. Just to recap this is an HP Omen
laptop with secure boot disabled. Upon boot-up both the new rtw88 and
old r8822be modules are loaded. If I unload the r8822be module the wifi
network connection gets terminated, even if I unload/reload the rtw88

Is there something else I should be doing prior to invoking rtw88, e.g.,
blacklisting the old module?

Yes, r8822be must be blacklisted. Use the lsmod command to see what modules are actually loaded. You load/unload rtw88 using the rtwpci module.