Re: [RFC] Provide in-kernel headers for making it easy to extend the kernel

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Wed Mar 06 2019 - 18:09:50 EST

> > >Ok, I'll look into LZMA. Thanks for checking the compression sizes.
> > >
> > >- Joel
> >
> > Don't use lzma, use xz if you are going to do something.
> Ok, sounds good.
> > However, it seems unlikely to me that someone not willing to spend the space in the filesystem will spend unswappable kernel memory.
> >
> > It would seem that a far saner way to do this is to use inittmpfs or perhaps an auxiliary "ktmpfs" so it can at least be swapped out if you have swap.
> But this is already possible with the proposed solution, you would load the
> module, extract it into a tmpfs, and unload the module. TMPFS pages can
> already be swapped.

So your licensing requirements prevent you from having headers in the
filesystem, but allow module with the headers hidden inside on the

Looks like you should just tar xvzf
this-is-a-kernel-module-I-promise.ko /usr/src/linux/include :-).
(cesky, pictures)

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