Re: [GIT PULL] x86 FPU changes for 5.2

From: Sebastian Andrzej Siewior
Date: Tue May 07 2019 - 18:00:28 EST

On 2019-05-07 10:35:25 [-0700], Linus Torvalds wrote:
> Has this gone through lots of testing, particularly with things like
> FP signal handling and old machines that don't necessarily have
> anything but the most basic FP state (ie Pentium class etc)?

I tried it in qemu with incremental FPU capabilities so it went through
all the possible load/restore variants during signal handling. I had a
testcase which did SHA1 computation and a received a SIGALRM every
second. This caught some bugs, most of them were xsave/xsaves related
once the SHA1 result did not match. I tried something similar one the
8087 FPU.
I had the series in the v5.0-RT tree which resulted in the most recent
patch in that branch.

> Linus