Re: [PATCHv3] perf kvm: add kvm-stat for arm64

From: Sergey Senozhatsky
Date: Thu Sep 17 2020 - 20:32:25 EST

On (20/09/17 12:53), Marc Zyngier wrote:
> Feel free to add a *new* tracepoint instead.

Wouldn't we want a whole bunch of new tracepoints in this case?
(almost all of the existing ones with the extra vcpu_id field).
Right now we have 3 types of events:
- events with no vcpu at all // nil
- events with vcpu_pc // "0x%016lx", __entry->vcpu_pc
- events with (void *)vcpu // "vcpu: %p", __entry->vcpu

It might be helpful if we could filter out events by vcpu_id.
But this, basically, doubles the number of events in the ringbuffer.