Re: [PATCH resend] staging: rtl8188eu: move all source files from core subdirectory

From: Larry Finger
Date: Tue Jul 20 2021 - 20:24:02 EST

On 7/20/21 4:00 AM, Fabio Aiuto wrote:
maybe the information we will need one day is:

will the core/-os_dep/-hal/-include/-directory-structure be
welcomed in mainline wireless subsystem, when an rtl* driver
will be perfectly tuned?

At the moment I can't see such a directory organization
in any of the realtek wireless driver.

Sure there's time for that;),

The question is how much lipstick do you want to put on that pig? The current version does not use cfg80211, and it does not work with NetworkManager or a modern hostapd to create an AP.

If you want to get the rtl8188eu driver in shape to be added to the regular drivers section, then I suggest you start with the v5.2.2.4 branch of Many users of the RTL8188EU chip use that driver. At least that version fixes the two problems listed above. If you want to flatten the directory structure, you can do it there and offline.

I want to caution you that following this path will take a lot of time, but once you get it into kernel shape, it will at least be useful. I have never had the time, nor the ambition to undertake this effort.