Re: [PATCH 5/6] phy: usb: Use slow clock for wake enabled suspend

From: Florian Fainelli
Date: Thu Oct 06 2022 - 18:08:11 EST

On 10/5/2022 2:30 PM, justinpopo6@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
From: Justin Chen <justinpopo6@xxxxxxxxx>

The logic was incorrect when switching to slow clock. We want the slow
clock if wake_enabled is set.

Fixes: ae532b2b7aa5 ("usb: Add "wake on" functionality for newer Synopsis XHCI controllers")
Signed-off-by: Justin Chen <justinpopo6@xxxxxxxxx>

Acked-by: Florian Fainelli <f.fainelli@xxxxxxxxx>

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