Re: CSC3551 and devices missing related _DSD bits

From: Stuart Henderson
Date: Wed May 24 2023 - 12:36:37 EST

The problem is that this can really easily blow up your machine if
some incorrect bit is applied. And more easily applicable, more
chance to break by novice users, simply by believing what a chat bot
speaks :)
That's the very reason why this kind of change should be via ACPI
table officially set up by the vendor. That said, the question is
only who and how can be responsible for this kind of change. It's
no technical issue, per se.

If BIOS can't be updated, at least, the configuration change has to be
confirmed by ASUS people. If ASUS still ignores the inquires and
requests, we may put the quirk but with a bit fat warning (and maybe
complaints to ASUS) to be shown in the log as a very last resort.

Let's see what happens.

Thanks Takashi.

Just a note to say we're not ignoring this and are investigating the best way to support released laptops with ACPI incompatible with Linux.  We're hoping this is going to be less of an issue going forward.  Please bear with us while we look into this.