Re: CSC3551 and devices missing related _DSD bits

From: Takashi Iwai
Date: Wed May 24 2023 - 14:08:29 EST

On Wed, 24 May 2023 18:36:04 +0200,
Stuart Henderson wrote:
> > The problem is that this can really easily blow up your machine if
> > some incorrect bit is applied. And more easily applicable, more
> > chance to break by novice users, simply by believing what a chat bot
> > speaks :)
> > That's the very reason why this kind of change should be via ACPI
> > table officially set up by the vendor. That said, the question is
> > only who and how can be responsible for this kind of change. It's
> > no technical issue, per se.
> >
> > If BIOS can't be updated, at least, the configuration change has to be
> > confirmed by ASUS people. If ASUS still ignores the inquires and
> > requests, we may put the quirk but with a bit fat warning (and maybe
> > complaints to ASUS) to be shown in the log as a very last resort.
> >
> > Let's see what happens.
> Thanks Takashi.
> Just a note to say we're not ignoring this and are investigating the
> best way to support released laptops with ACPI incompatible with
> Linux.  We're hoping this is going to be less of an issue going
> forward.  Please bear with us while we look into this.

Good to hear that you're working on it!
Sure, it's no urgent issue and better wait for a proper solution.