Re: [PATCH] Remove hardcoded static string length

From: Jeffrey E Altman
Date: Sat May 27 2023 - 11:09:13 EST

On 5/25/2023 11:37 AM, Kenny Ho wrote:
On Thu, May 25, 2023 at 11:04 AM David Laight<David.Laight@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
"The standard formulation seems to be: <project> <version> built
Which I don't recall the string actually matching?
Also the people who like reproducible builds don't like __DATE__.
That's correct, it was not matching even when it was introduced. I am
simply taking that as people caring about the content and not simply
making rxrpc_version_string == UTS_RELEASE. The current format is:



The RX_PACKET_TYPE_VERSION query is issued by the "rxdebug <host> <port> -version" command which prints the received string to stdout.   It has also been used some implementations to record the version of the peer.   Although it is required that a response to the RX_PACKET_TYPE_VERSION query be issued, there is no requirement that the returned string contain anything beyond a single NUL octet.

Although it is convenient to be able to remotely identify the version of an Rx implementation, there are good reasons why this information should not be exposed to an anonymous requester:

1. Linux AF_RXRPC is part of the kernel.  As such, returning
UTS_RELEASE identifies to potential attackers the explicit kernel
version, architecture and perhaps distro.  As this query can be
issued anonymously, this provides an information disclosure that can
be used to target known vulnerabilities in the kernel.
2. The RX_PACKET_TYPE_VERSION reply is larger than the query by the
number of octets in the version data.  As the query is received via
udp with no reachability test, it means that the
RX_PACKET_TYPE_VERSION query/response can be used to perform an 3.3x
amplification attack: 28 octets in and potentially 93 octets out.

With my security hat on I would suggest that either AF_RXRPC return a single NUL octet or the c-string "AF_RXRPC" and nothing more.

Jeffrey Altman

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