Re: [RFC] net: dsa: slave: Advertise correct EEE capabilities at slave PHY setup

From: Lukasz Majewski
Date: Wed May 31 2023 - 04:45:29 EST

Hi Andrew,

> > > But as a result, don't expect EEE to actually work with any LTS
> > > kernel.
> >
> > Then, I think that it would be best to use the above "hack" until
> > your patch set is not reviewed and merged. After that, when
> > customer will mover forward with LTS kernel, I can test the EEE on
> > the proper HW.
> Just to be clear, Since EEE never really worked, i doubt these
> patchset will fulfil the stable rules. They are not minimal fixes, but
> pretty much a re-write. So you will need to wait for the LTS released
> December 2023. Or you do your own backport.

I will backport (if requred) those patches to 6.x LTS.

> Andrew

Best regards,

Lukasz Majewski


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