Re: [PATCH net-next 08/11] iavf: switch to Page Pool

From: David Christensen
Date: Wed May 31 2023 - 16:19:29 EST

On 5/25/23 4:08 AM, Alexander Lobakin wrote:
Any plans to add page pool fragmentation support (i.e.
PP_FLAG_PAGE_FRAG) in the future to better support architectures with
larger page sizes such as 64KB on ppc64le?

Currently no, we resigned from page fragmentation due to the complexity
and restrictions it provides for no benefits on x86_64. But I remember
that pages > 4 Kb exist (I have a couple MIPS boards where I have fun
sometimes and page size is set to 16 Kb there. But still always use 1
page per frame).
By "better support" you mean reducing memory usage or something else?

Yes, reducing memory waste. Current generation P10 systems default to quad-port, 10Gb copper i40e NICs. When you combine a large number of CPUs, and therefore a large number of RX queues, with a 64KB page allocation per packet, memory usage can balloon very quickly as you add additional ports.

Would you be open to patches to address this further down the road as your refactoring effort gets closer to completion?