Re: On the topic of noisy drivers...

Daniel Eischen (
Thu, 2 May 96 06:27:05 EDT

>> On Apr 29, 11:12pm, Mike McLagan wrote:
>> > Is there *ANY* reason that the AIC77x0 driver needs to spew it's life's
>> > story onto the console during bootup? Seems to me that 99% of what it spits
>> > out is extraneous!
>> >
>> > Maybe gagging it for 2.0 would be a good idea?
>> I have to agree here. The number of lines that scroll by when my six disk SCSI
>> system boots is silly. Do I really need six lines to tell me that my disks all
>> use 512 byte hardware sectors? Partition information is line this, too. Maybe
>> I just have too many drives....
>I think the Buslogic driver even beats the aic7xxx in number of

It's on our TO-DO list :-)

[ not at the top though ]

Dan Eischen