Re: ext2: bug or feature
Thu, 2 May 1996 13:41:06 +0200

Jon Lewis:

: While we're bashing mount, how about having mount complain about and then
: ignore invalid/unsupported mount options? Booting a kernel without quota
: support on a box that normally has quota, mount won't mount any partition
: that has quota least not on my old systems:

: (u)mount: version from util-linux-1.10

1. Your mount is ancient and broken.
2. Maybe you do not really understand the function of the program mount.
Roughly speaking, it is just a wrapper around the system call mount().
It does not interpret the mount options itself - has no built-in knowledge
of the ideosyncrasies of the mount options for all kinds of filesystems.
And that is just as well, since these vary quite a lot in time.

You give a mount command - mount tells the kernel - the kernel doesn't like
your command - mount reports the kernel's opinion to you.