Re: Logging More Messages?

Ulrich Windl (
Tue, 7 May 1996 09:17:01 +0200

On 5 May 96 at 13:12, Andrew E. Mileski wrote:

> > > I have LOTS of boot messages, and they are not all logged. They
> > > are only viewable using scroll-back. What can I do, if anything,
> > > to have them all logged?
> >
> > Edit syslogd.conf and make sure all the different kinds of messages are
> > going to some place. You do know there is more than one syslog message
> > file don't you (i.e. syslog, messages, debug)
> The problem:
> Some are early messages missing, but the first msg _logged_ is
> always a partial sentence.
> I assume this happens because sysklogd reads the messages from
> the scrollback buffer after it is started, in order to log

No, the printk has a buffer in kernel space that is something between
4 and 8 kB (changed during 1.3). You would have to increase that
buffer if you have a _lot_ of messages.